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  • We believe that the best way to reflect what is good about creation is to create and propagate goodness.  

  • God made something good where there was nothing.  That is called Grace. 

  • In that spirit we create.  

  • Either to inspire further creation or greater insight.  

  • These works are our only collective enterprise as an organized group of believers.  

  • As an organization we do not take contributions, collection or dues, we do ask that if you would like to have any of the works here, that you give compensation to creators for the Good work they have done. 

  • What is typically understood as “profit” in a capitalistic frame, goes into the maintenance of this site and the operations of collective production and benefit the whole so that we might make more good works. 

  • Individuals identities do not appear attached to their works.  The works done here are acts of worship and not for the glorification of the individual.  

  • thank you, all support contributes to the whole.

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